Garden of Weedin' has been serving the Seattle area since 1995.  We specialize in garden bed maintenance (sorry, no lawn work).  The services we provide include weeding (yes, we dig for the roots!), raking, mulching, fall clean-ups, and pruning of shrubs and small trees.  In addition, we design plantings for Rain Gardens and help to maintain them to keep them at their peak of beauty and function.

We work organically, so we do not use any pesticides.  We use all sorts of techniques to get your garden under control without the need for pesticides. 

We are also 5 star EnviroStars; we we are recognized by the King County EnviroStar program as leaders in the field (

We would love to talk with you further about your garden, so please call us:

(206) 362-8947

You can transform your garden from the image on the left, to the image on the right!!

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